Sports Activities on Moving Up Day!

03 Jul 2018

Moving Up day is a chance to meet your new class and teachers and get to know the pupils you are going to work with next year.  It can be both an exciting and challenging day to have so many changes, especially for primary pupils moving up to the secondary site.  To help, a range of exciting activities are planned by all teachers including some sporting games.  Our objective; learning to work together in our new classes and encourage each other in a positive way.

First to arrive were the new Frome class who rose to the challenge well.  How fast can you move all the red balls into the red bowl and how many blue balls into the blue bowl...?     ....not as easy as it first appears!  The second challenge was noughts and crosses by throwing bean bags into the squares or twister in the same boxes.  This was followed by balloon ball: how many taps can you have to keep the balloon up in the air?


Well done to Kodi who was able to identify the game may not be fair if one bowl has more balls than the other, and well done to Harvey for challenging Mr Senior.

Pupil voice: "I know the best way to move all the balls!"    Axe class: "that was fun, can I do it again?"


IMPACT: A chance for the whole school to participate in the same or modified activity and for staff to work alongside the pupils.  A chance for all pupils to recognise that team work will achieve more and to discover that sometimes tasks that look easy can be quite hard and tasks that look hard can be easier than expected.


Jane Hawkes