Message from the Chair of Governors

20 Jul 2018

This year has been such an excellent year for Ravenswood!  The year began with an Ofsted Inspection in September which confirmed that the school continued to be a good school.  Throughout the year, the young people have been given the opportunity to take part in interesting and engaging activities both in the classroom and on school visits.  There have been so many highlights to this year – the Christmas Show, the Work Experience Presentations, the Safer Internet Week Presentations were just three of those occasions where the pupils at Ravenswood were able to showcase their work so very confidently.


Governors set a very high level of challenge to the Senior Leaders and it was superb to see at the last Governors Meeting that the vast majority of pupils had made outstanding progress, both in their work and the way in which they had become more able to manage their behaviour.  They deserve to be congratulated on all the progress that they have made, as do the staff who have taught them and encouraged them to develop and mature.


We wish Mrs Clark all the very best in her retirement and thank her for the tireless way she has led the school over the last 14 years.  We really do hope that this is not “Goodbye” but “Au Revoir” and we hope to see her at events at Ravenswood in the future.  We are confident that Mr Senior will move the school from strength to strength and wish him all the very best as he takes over as Headteacher in September.


Mike Evans