Anti-bullying week in KS3

29 Nov 2018

Willow class:

What did we learn about during anti-bullying week?

Friendships.  How to be kind to others.  What behaviours are good/kind and what are bad/unkind towards others.  What makes a good friend.  Using key words to describe a good friend, and identifying words that do not make a good friend.


Who do we trust?

Identifying who we can talk to for help.


What do we know now that we didn’t know before about anti bullying?

Remembering to be kind to others.  Identifying what is and is not kind behaviour.  Recognising who we can talk to for help.


Can we name some people who we could tell if we were being bullied?

Yes – parents, teacher, teaching support staff, Miss Mullane.


Anti-bullying week


Ash Class:

We wrote unkind words on leaves and spread them on the field; we squeezed toothpaste from a tube and threw rice outside.  We realised that like unkind words that had been said, we couldn't get them back.  We also agreed that before we speak we must make sure our words are: truthful, kind and necessary.


Anti-bullying week   Anti-bullying week


Anti-bullying week  Anti-bullying week   Anti-bullying week


Birch class:

During anti-bullying week, Birch class watched a video on the different types of bullying, identified five people who could help them if they were being bullied and engaged an anti-bullying worksheet where they identified which scenarios were bullying and which were not.


Anti-bullying week   Anti-bullying week   Anti-bullying week


Pine class:

During anti-bullying week Pine learnt about the different types of bullying.  We did some role-play to help us understand what being bullied feels like and to stop bullying.  We also created poems and posters about bullying.


Poems and posters about bullying     Poems and posters about bullying