What we've been learning in KS4 during anti-bullying week

29 Nov 2018

Yeo class

In anti-bullying week we looked at who could help us in our family and at school.  We also looked at what makes us feel happy and sad, which tied in with our AQA Unit in PSHCE.  When we looked at what we could do if someone was alone in the play ground we role played different scenarios.  It was lovely to see the students playing together for the very first time after doing these lessons, with Beth asking each student in the class if they would like to join in.


Anti-bullying week


Axe & Frome classes

Axe and Frome classes concentrated on kind and unkind words.  They wrote the words they could think of inside hearts; one entitled kind words and the other entitled unkind words.  Words were then written on the board, there were a lot more unkind words than kind words.

We also wrote, for every member in the class, positive things about each person.  It was a really good exercise.  The students have taken their piece of paper home with them to keep and to look at if they are having a bit of a tricky day.  We also worked on social skills, when playing together.


Anti-bullying week   Anti-bullying week   Anti-bullying week