Message from Mr Senior

19 Jul 2019

I have really enjoyed the year.  Our school community has gone from strength to strength, it is a wonderful thing that I get to see every day, children being good friends, learning key skills and preparing for life.  Our learners are what make our school a fabulous place to work.  They are excellent ambassadors in the community, on trips or community events.  They can be relied upon to represent the school with pride and dignity. 


At this time in the year we will be saying farewell to a number of staff, all whom have made a positive contribution to the school.  The staff members who are leaving at the end of term are: Miss Lough, Ms Jensen and Mrs Cummins.  I would like to add my personal thanks to the contribution they have made to Ravenswood School.  We will also be saying farewell to Mr Dixon and Ms Wolley who are retiring.  They have worked at the school for a combination of 38 years I want to acknowledge our appreciation for the support and contribution they have made to the school and our pupils.  Their personality and commitment will be fondly remembered by so many. 


Finally I would like to thank everyone who works at and is associated with Ravenswood School, especially Parents/Carers!  It is up to us, all as the important adults in pupils' lives, to make sure that they have the best possible chance for success and happiness.  Have a great holiday.


Mark Senior