Our Believe Day by Post 16

28 Jan 2020

Post 16 students and staff organised a fun afternoon in January to celebrate part of our ‘Dream, Achieve, Believe’ day.  We focused our activities on 'Believe'.


This was a great opportunity to help students recognise their strengths, believe in themselves, and find out what they are good at.  It helped some students to recognise some things that they thought they could not do, but actually could.  Some students kicked a football and scored a goal for the first time.  Others learned how to use the go carts for the first time.


They designed and created a big decorative wall hanging to show what they believed they were good at, and to share their strengths with others.





 Students had great fun making ‘healthy donuts’ (I can’t believe I can make healthy donuts!)






Well done to everyone and thank you for making this such a fun experience.