Message from Mark Senior to parents & carers

22 Oct 2021

Can I thank you all for your support in what has been a very challenging time for our school community.  Your comments in meeting, emails and fundraising efforts for the school have been very welcomed and I feel brought our school community closer.


I know that a full independent inquiry will take place into the flooding disaster and I hope that the lessons learnt from Ravenswood’s experience will ensure that no other community has to suffer like ours in the future.


Next term the school will continue to rebuild and I can assure you that plans are in place for pupils to catch up on any lost learning opportunities.


We are very much looking forward to welcoming back the pupils from The Campus and to Post 16 returning to the Iles building which will bring some sort of normality to the start of term two.


The roofing work is still in progress and we hope for this to be completed in November.


Your child has had to put up with so much during term 1, can you thank them, from us all, for just being their super selves.


I hope you all have a safe and enjoyable half term.


Take care,