Covid guidance for term 5

25 Apr 2022

Please see below the message that has been sent via ParentPay to all pupils and staff regarding the latest covid advice for the school.


Dear Parents/ Carers,

We hope that everyone has had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed the sunshine and rest ahead of the start of term 5. We have been busy over the holidays creating a new enclosed sensory playground for our secondary pupils to enjoy, and updating some of our corporate areas. We look forward to seeing everyone back, hopefully refreshed and ready to learn after the break.

As you will be aware the covid guidance has been lifted as the main focus moves away from preventing the spread of the virus to living with covid and trying to return to normality whilst protecting those most at risk from the virus. We have sought advice on how we can do this whilst protecting the most vulnerable pupils and staff at Ravenswood and the response is summarised below.

The best preventative that we can all take is to get fully vaccinated. Virtually all of our school community (aged 5years+) can now get vaccinated against covid 19 and we strongly encourage everyone to do so to keep themselves and the rest of our school community safe. Please contact your GP if you have any questions or use this link to book a vaccination

We are aware that some of our school community are more vulnerable to Covid 19 than others this includes students/staff with Downs Syndrome, autoimmune illnesses, cancer etc. ( ) These people can continue to access lateral flow testing and have specific treatment options if they do develop Covid 19. See the link for more details.

As always if your child is unwell they must remain off school until they are well enough to return. School staff will be vigilant and if we believe your child is unwell you will be asked to collect them.

We hope that most families have some lateral flow tests at home please can we request that all staff and pupils (who are able to) test on Sunday evening/Monday morning before returning for term 5 to try and prevent any outbreaks arising. 

While covid testing kits are still available should anyone pupil/staff member develop covid symptoms they should do a Lateral Flow test. If they test positive they must remain off school until all their symptoms have gone following the guidance below. 

The isolation period for anyone who tests positive for covid is:
At least 5 full days (for adults) 
At least 3 full days (for pupils)
The first day that they test positive is day zero.

If anyone develops covid 19, flu or cold symptoms and unable to test they must follow the following guidance: 

If anyone develops any of these symptoms they must remain home whilst unwell and can only return to school once they have had 24 hours clear of symptoms:
* continuous cough
* loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell
* shortness of breath (not linked to asthma/ exercise)
* unexplained tiredness, lack of energy
* muscle aches or pains that are not due to exercise
* not wanting to eat or not feeling hungry
* headache that is unusual or longer lasting than usual
* sore throat, stuffy or runny nose (not linked to an individual’s typical hayfever symptoms)
(Nb pupils/staff can return with an occasional cough or slight runny nose as long as 24hours has passed from their main symptoms easing.)

If anyone develops any of these symptoms they must remain home whilst unwell and can only return to school when they have had clear 48 hours from the last of their symptoms.
* high temperature, fever or chills
* diarrhoea, feeling sick or being sick
With all of these symptoms the 24/48 hours without symptoms must be without medication such as calpol as this can mask their illness. If we believe a child is being medicated by calpol to hide symptoms they will be sent home.

If we have any further outbreaks in the school we will be seeking further advice who may advice longer isolation periods, asymptomatic testing or other measures to control the outbreak. Therefore it is crucial that everyone supports the school to keep everyone safe as we try to step away from Covid-19 restrictions.

Our staffing over the last term has been increasingly difficult due to the number of staff who have been unwell due to covid/other illnesses we will endeavour to keep the school fully open. However we will continue to monitor this and we may need to close classes if our staffing risk assessment deems a class unsafe to open.

The school will continue to ensure sufficient ventilation in classes, increased cleaning and staggered play/lunchtimes and bus collections. Staff and pupils may choose to continue to wear masks in and around school. We will continue to encourage all pupils and staff to frequently wash their hands and keep good hygiene habits. This along with hopefully better weather in the spring should help to reduce the spread of any covid/flu outbreaks at the school.

If we all work together to ensure that those who are unwell remain away from school this will prevent infections and will give us the best chance of returning to some more normality. 

Please help us to keep everyone safe. 

If you have any questions please do contact the school.

Take care,
Katie Barnes