Our Values


Through the very high standards that adults model around the school, we expect all pupils to:

• Value each individual’s voice
• Build self-esteem and confidence
• Understand good and bad
• Show respect and understanding for others
• Value the community and world in which we live
• Be proud members of the school community



Our Aims


The School aims to:


• provide pupils with a safe environment and the best possible education and support, promoting their pathway to independence in learning and life skills

• provide pupils with positive guidance to manage their behaviour through clear expectations, rewards and sanctions

• achieve high standards of teaching for all pupils throughout the school day; providing an exciting curriculum in a positive and attractive environment

• provide a pathway at the end of KS4 and the end of post-16 for every young person; preparing them for further learning and life as an adult

• keep staff informed about school matters; consulting with them about significant changes in school organisation, curriculum and policies

• keep parents and carers informed of their child’s progress and well-being at school

• use robust evidence and work closely with governors and staff, evaluating the school’s performance and planning our strategic direction