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 Georgia McNulty - Family Support AdvisorCarla Dymond - Family Support Advisor

Your Family Support Advisors


"Hello, our names are Carla Dymond and Georgia McNulty and we are the Family Support Advisors at Ravenswood.  Our role is to support you and your child to get the best from school.  We aim to strengthen relationships and communication between home and school.  There will be opportunities to meet with other parents/carers through regular, informal events.

Please contact us at Ravenswood if you have concerns about transition, attendance, relationship issues or if you have questions about healthy lifestyles or after school activities.  We are a ‘listening ear’ offering confidential support and can provide information about other relevant services North Somerset and the surrounding area offers."




The Ravenswood Family Handbook provides the help and guidance for your child's success at Ravenswood.  You can download it here:


 Ravenswood Family Handbook 2022-23


 Join a Virtual Tour to see your child's classroom and have a look around the school.


Parents can request a paper copy of information held on our school website and we will provide this free of charge.



Parents' Views of the School


Our latest survey in March 2023 indicated that 97% of parents/carers who responded say their child is happy at school.  A high proportion of responses (at least 86%) indicated that parents say:


     • My child feels safe at this school
     • My child makes good progress at this school
     • My child is taught well at this school
     • I know what the school is trying to achieve
     • The school supports my child with their mental wellbeing
     • The school is well lead and managed
     • The school responds well to any concerns I raise
     • I receive valuable information from this school about my child's progress.


We want to ensure that we respond to the views and concerns of all parents and carers and encourage you to talk with us should you have a worry or concern.


Here are a few of the comments we received in response to our Parental Survey in March 2023:



Parents' Survey comments - March 2023




Ofsted Parent View

Ofsted Parent View


Ofsed 'Parent View' gives you the chance to tell us what you think about your child’s school.  We will use the information you provide to help us improve.  You will also be able to see what other parents have said about Ravenswood School.


Please let us have your views.




Keeping you informed


Three times a year parents are invited to meet with teachers and discuss their child's progress.  We hold parents' evenings each October to meet the teachers and in July to discuss your child's End of Year Report.  In between we arrange Annual Review meetings for each child, to which we invite other professionals working with your child.  These are how we can explain teaching strategies and listen to your views and requests.  If you are unable to attend any of these meetings please let us know so we can make arrangements which will suit you.  Your feedback at these meetings is helpful to us in reviewing and developing Ravenswood School.


We use a system called ParentPay to send text and email information to parents and carers.  Text messages are used for urgent communications, for example, to alert when the school is closed due to severe weather.  Email communications are used to send out school newsletters and other official communications.  We encourage all parents and carers to sign-up for ParentPay and start enjoying the benefit of electronic school to home communication.  Please contact the school office to sign-up.


We use a system called Seesaw for day-to-day communication on your child's progress.  Seesaw has replaced our home-school diaries.  Updates on what your child has been learning and how they are getting on are posted daily and parents are able to respond with comments or questions.  We now have over 170 Seesaw connected parents.




Ravenswood has a Complaints Policy which is available on the School Policies page.


We are always available to listen to your concerns regarding your child’s progress, health, attendance or well being at school and will endeavour to work with you in looking for ways to solve these issues.  Occasionally, there may be concerns that need further discussion.  Please contact Mark Senior, Headteacher or Amy Baker, Family Support Advisor who will be able to guide you through procedures for a satisfactory outcome.