Pupil Voice

We want pupils to have a say in how their school is run.  We do this in different ways......we have active School Councils......seek pupils' views at their Annual Reviews, End of Year Reports and through questionnaires and ask for their ideas when we are designing new things.





3rd May 2022

POST16 COUNCIL: The Council held a meeting and the minutes can be found below.


Meeting Minutes



5th April 2022

POST16 COUNCIL: The Council held a meeting which included discussion around work experience, Breakfast Club, a cake sale, health & safety and helping with trips.  The full minutes can be found below.


Meeting Minutes



4th February 2022 

We are pleased to announce that we have recently appointed four Student Ambassadors. These are Post 16 students who applied, were interviewed and were successful in securing these new roles.  The interview was difficult and the panel asked some challenging questions but our new ambassadors all shone in their own ways.


A huge congratulations to Isabella, Jay, Robbie and Daniel who are now our Student Ambassadors.


The role of the Student Ambassadors is to support the school and the pupils.  They will be supporting with tours of the school (when we are able to resume these), supporting with school events and providing an additional voice for the students in the school.  Any student can go and speak to one of the ambassadors if they have any worries or concerns and the ambassadors will report this to an adult on their behalf.



2nd December 2021

POST16 COUNCIL: The Council held a meeting to discuss appointing Student Ambassadors.


Meeting Minutes



4th November 2021 

POST 16 COUNCIL: The Council met for the first time since the pandemic started.


Meeting Minutes



13th February 2020

POST 16 COUNCIL: We met today and discussed what went well during the fundraising morning.  We also discussed what we could improve next time and decided that a list of prices would be good for the cashier as well as a tick list of items on sale for the waiter/waitress/sales person.  Also decided to plan for people being away on the day of the planned event.  We talked about what is good about being in school council and BC, TG and CLR all felt practicing speaking to groups has helped their confidence.  I would like to take this opportunity to say how I have enjoyed working with everyone and wish everyone all the very best for the future.  Julia Tester



30th January 2020

POST 16 COUNCIL: This morning we had a very successful fundraising morning.  Everyone worked hard to welcome visitors.  Other P16 students volunteered to help too.  GD and RS were excellent at meeting and greeting people who arrived at reception.  MA did a great job with cold drinks and waiting and CB volunteered and did a great job with hot drinks.  BC made a fabulous waitress and took orders politely and efficiently.  CLR acted as cashier and took the money and was helped by volunteers DS and OB.  LJ helped with clearing up.  We raised £70 and would like to thank everyone for their great support.



23rd Januray 2020

POST 16 COUNCIL: Today we met and finalised arrangements for next week's fundraising morning.  BC and MA went to Mr Senior and asked to use collecting buckets on the morning which has been agreed.  MA will pick up next week.  All clear on their roles for next Thursday morning and looking forward to it. All attended today.



16th January 2020

POST 16 COUNCIL: This morning P16 School Council met and discussed roles for the fundraising event.  TG will serve hot drinks.  CLR meet and greet, BC waitress, MA cold drinks and Pam and myself generally help with all and with biscuits.  TG delivered posters to classrooms and suggested a table to sell Enterprise items.  This is agreed as long as a student can take charge of this and keep the takings separate.  MA was absent this week as was BC.  Julia Tester



9th January 2020

POST 16 COUNCIL: The Council met and designed invitations for fundraising refreshment morning.  This to take place 30.1.20 from 10.30-12 in P16 Common Room.  Families welcome.  Drink and a biscuit £1.50. 



5th December 2019

POST 16 COUNCIL: The P16 school council met.  All students stated one thing they liked about school and one thing they would like to change.  Students celebrated the amount raised for the Nailsea Food Bank: 63.52 kg to go to Christmas Hampers for local people.  All agreed to raise funds for school sports centre.  Chose Thurs 30th January for a fundraising coffee morning in the P16 common room.  The coffee morning will run from 10-11.30.  P16 school council members will set up from 9.20 and clear away until lunch time.  Next School Council meeting to be 9 January when invitations will be drawn up.  


Seasons Greetings from P16 School Council, Pam and Julia



28th November 2019

POST 16 COUNCIL: The school council met again with Katie Warren today and she shared the simplified ECHP with them.  They made further suggestions and Katie took these on board and thanked TG, MA and CLR for their great input.



21st November 2019

POST 16 COUNCIL: We had expected Katie Warren again to check alterations made to her document.  However she was unable to make it and will attend next week.  The two students who came to school council, TG and MA, discussed the merits of raising money for the school or for a charity.



14th November 2019

POST 16 COUNCIL: Today the P16 school council welcomed Katie Warren who came to discuss draft recommendations for information hand-outs for students, regarding ECHPs.  The students were very helpful in pointing out that the document would be better with less words and Katie has reduced some of the summary points and is hoping to get a symbol handout as well.



7th November 2019

POST 16 COUNCIL: Today the school council replied to Katie Warren's email regarding sharing information on a new SEND document.  They welcome her to come to the school and we await a date.  The school council also voted on a fundraising activity for after Christmas and voted TG as leader of the group. Next week they will discuss who they wish to fundraise for as it was a divided vote this week.



17th October 2019

POST 16 COUNCIL: Today, BC acted as Secretary and CLR as Chairperson.  The group reviewed the Food Bank appeal and what went well as well as what they could improve next time.  They chose to fundraise in the Spring term and will discuss this further at the next meeting after half term.



10th October 2019

POST 16 COUNCIL: Today P16 school council (MA, BC, TG and CLR) worked hard getting the hall ready to welcome the representatives from the local Food Bank.  They thanked the pupils for donating so much and at the close of the assembly TG and MA helped carry donations to the car.  The Food Bank representative gave a moving talk about people who use the Food Bank and thanked everyone for helping them again this year.



3rd October 2019

POST 16 COUNCIL: The P16 school council gave the assembly today for the Food Bank Appeal.  MA operated the computer and TG, CLR and BC read out slides and encouraged interaction.  All donations welcomed by next Thursday when a food bank rep will come to collect them.



26th September 2019

POST 16 COUNCIL: This morning the Council practised the Food Bank Appeal assembly Presentation.  They worked well as a team and feel ready for the assembly next Thursday at 10.30.  TG acted as secretary and CLR as Chairperson.



19th September 2019

POST 16 COUNCIL: The school council met and MA acted as secretary and TG as Chairperson.  Photos were taken of this years council and work started on Presentation for Food Bank Appeal.  Next week school council will run until 9.45 in order to allow the presentation to be completed ready for assembly on 3.10.19.  



12th September 2019:

POST 16 COUNCIL: We met today for the first P16 School Council meeting this year.  CLR, MA, SB, TG and BC came.  We discussed council procedures and assembly for Nailsea Food Bank and aim for the students to do a presentation in Assembly Thurs 3 October.  



19th February 2018

SECONDARY SCHOOL COUNCIL: The meeting covered the use of personal phones at certain times of the day for pupils, dinner options and additonal PE equipment.  Read more »



15th January 2018

SECONDARY SCHOOL COUNCIL: Discussion around launching the new School Council lanyards and name badges.  Read more »

Update: News item on the Secondary School Council assembly to launch the lanyards.



4th January 2018

POST 16 COUNCIL: JCo was Chair and took the minutes.  Read more »



7th December 2017

POST 16 COUNCIL: JCo was Chair and EJ took the minutes.  Read more »



21st November 2017

SECONDARY SCHOOL COUNCIL: ‘If you ask us, if it can happen, it will get done.’  This is what one Council member said after the new shower curtains were installed in the girls' showers.  Read more »



20th November 2017

SECONDARY SCHOOL COUNCIL: We had a badge / lanyard discussion and made plans to speak to several members of staff about different issues.  JH reported that she has secured some cricket coaching.  Meeting minutes     |     News item: Cricket coaching for pupils in Ash and Birch



30th November 2017

POST 16 COUNCIL: JCo was Chair and DCa took the minutes.  Read more »



9th November 2017

POST 16 COUNCIL: JC was Secretary and TG was Chairperson.  Congratulations to RT who is voted joint IT leader for February fundraising event.  We have booked the catering room for 1 Feb to make chocolate truffles, with hot drinks in the afternoon to raise funds for the Food Bank.  Issues identified round school:

P16 entry bell not working and reminder in caretakers book
JMs computer still not attached to a socket – Mr Pester aware
What are school rules about fidgit spinners?
Any response to request for Monkey bars for playground?

Finally the School Council are delighted to help with refreshments at the Award Ceremony next Thursday.  Read more »



6th November 2017

SECONDARY SCHOOL COUNCIL: We discussed how to order the badges and that pupils would need to design the pouch insert.  Shower curtains in the girls' showers to increase privacy have been approved.  Actions to improve the school were discussed along with an assembly to present a cheque to the Nailsea Foodbank.  Meeting minutes      |     News item: Presenting the cheque to Clevedon Foodbank



2nd November 2017

POST 16 COUNCIL: Thank you to CC for chairing the meeting and TG for being Secretary.  Today there was an election for one IT leader for the Spring fundraiser and JC has been elected.  Another IT leader to be elected next week.  It was decided that the chocolate truffle and hot drink open afternoon would be best in February and when we have heard from Miss Jensen which Thursday would be best for the students, we will book the catering room.  School Council will make chocolate truffles in the morning from 11.10 until lunch time and then serve them in the afternoon either in room 25 or P16 common room.  TG and JC put a message in the caretaker’s book about the bell for access to P16 not working.  P16 JM’s group gave suggestions for changes to the school under AOB.  Read more »



Harvest Assembly supporting Nailsea Foodbank

12th October 2017

POST 16 COUNCIL: Today the focus was on the Harvest Festival Food Bank Appeal.  Thank you to everyone who made this appeal such a success.  The school council today discussed possible future fundraising events and have decided to do a chocolate make followed by chocolate and coffee sale in the afternoon during the Spring term.  A Big thank you to all the P16 school council for their hard work today sorting, displaying and packing donations and to the P16 students who came to help (EB, SH, LL).  Read more »



5th October 2017

POST 16 COUNCIL: Today the focus was on donations for the food bank.  We discussed what to do as we have not had donations this week.  Council to request that a reminder about the Harvest Festival Food Bank appeal appears in the newsletter.  The students are hoping for a generous donation of non perishable food to help local people through their food bank.  The representative of the food bank will be here next week to celebrate and collect the donation.  Read more »



2nd October 2017

SECONDARY SCHOOL COUNCIL: We discussed the cost of badges and feedback via the reps from their classes on how to improve the school.  One idea was to have shower curtains in the girls' showers to increase privacy.  Read more »



28th September 2017

POST 16 COUNCIL: The P16 School Council met today and practiced presenting their assembly asking for donations for the Harvest Festival Food Bank Appeal.  They were pleased to welcome Mrs Clark and Mr L (from Ofsted) to their meeting.  In the meeting RT chaired and CC took the minutes.  Later the Council led two assemblies.  RT introduced the assembly and operated the computer.  All school council contributed and did a great job.  Read more »



25th September 2017

SECONDARY SCHOOL COUNCIL: We discussed badges for School Council Reps, what we can do to make school even better, the Intra Activity and raising money for charity.  Read more »



21st September 2017

POST 16 COUNCIL: This photo of the new 2017-18 P16 Council was taken.  Read more »2017-18 School Council



14th September 2017

POST 16 COUNCIL: The first meeting of the year.  Read more »



20th June 2017

SECONDARY SCHOOL COUNCIL: The discussion around Sports Day was very interesting; without any prompting our ‘pupil voice’ came up with the same plan that staff had been considering, for more or less the same reasons.  Read more »



15th June 2017

POST 16 COUNCIL: Extra meeting held to discuss money raised.  Read more »



8th June 2017

POST 16 COUNCIL: Extra meeting held to discuss money raised.  Read more »



25th May 2017

POST 16 COUNCIL: This morning some of the P16 School Council met briefly to discuss funds raised and progress on the Council to date.  We have not yet calculated the exact amount to be given to Marie Curie and will inform when this is done.

 Students gave their views on their School Council role.  Read more »



18th May 2017

POST 16 COUNCIL: Today the Council counted the money taken at the cake sale and it amounted to £52.10.  When cost of ingredients has been deducted JT will contact Marie Curie with the total to be donated.  The Council also discussed their views on bullying and these are outlined in the minutes.  TG requested a pinball game on the computers for break times under any other business and also stated that the post 16 boys toilets have a toilet roll holder that needs fixing.  Read more »



16th May 2017

SECONDARY SCHOOL COUNCIL: The focus of the meeing today was the prize box, school lanyards and providing feedback to Miss Barnes's email about bullying.  Read more » 



4th May 2017

POST 16 COUNCIL: We were delighted to welcome one governor and one ex governor today, Cllr Isles and Mrs Hill.


Final preparations for the cake sale were made and invitations sent out.  It is to take place after the WEX presentation next Thursday.  We hope to see you all there!  



27th April 2017

POST 16 COUNCIL: Today we decided on a shopping list for the cake baking sale.  Some of the Council members think a school fun run is a good way to raise money for lanyards.  KJ tried phoning Marie Curie but no reply.  JT will try to find an email address for them.  LL and TG discussed footballs being kicked too high by some younger students and would like to see it more strictly supervised.  TG asked if the field is now open.  Read more »



25th April 2017




6th April 2017

POST 16 COUNCIL: TG chaired the meeting and LL minuted it.  Students suggested Enterprise money to be used for lanyards.  We could not price them due to the internet being very slow.  JT will look into it.


LK from P16 has agreed to bake for the charity cake sale and the School Council has agreed cakes to make.  Any other business is about possible caretaking / cleaning points.  Read more »



16th March 2017

POST 16 COUNCIL: Today SWB chaired the meeting (with support) and Tommy took the minutes with help from Ken.  Great job done by all students.


The date for the cake sale in aid of Marie Curie has been agreed for Thursday 18 May with students baking in the morning and selling in the afternoon in the P16 common room area.  Mrs Lodge attended the meeting today and RR was able to ask if she could have her lunch in the P16 Common room (on Fridays) as it is quieter than the hall.  Mrs Lodge will check with Mrs Barnes.  All plates to be collected and returned to the hall.


First Aid course for students – KJ says he has been told it will be in the summer.  TG said that the cricket match will be Term 5 or 6.


A question about the Leavers trip was raised.  Who will be organising it and where will it be going.  Students will check cost of lanyards for the school council to wear and discuss how to fund these.  Read more »



14th March 2017

SECONDARY SCHOOL COUNCIL: All agreed that council reps would wear a lanyard so that both staff and pupils know who the council reps are in school and can expect a level of support and help around school if needed.  All secondary council reps wanted to help plan and lead an assembly to explain why they would be wearing badges and their role.  After planning a PowerPoint assembly the students would then lead the assembly the in secondary assemble time.  JH looking into getting lanyards.

Mrs Venn was invited to the council where the reps asked her about a climbing club:
It was agreed that she would liaise with primary and Miss Pritchard to find out if this would be possible to run a club to start in term 5

Safe games on the system that can be accessed by pupils, was discussed.  Council reps are going to email Mr Pester to see if he will meet with some of them to discuss.


Read more »



2nd March 2017

POST 16 COUNCIL: JC took the minutes with help from KJ (well done to both).  LL chaired the meeting.  The council have agreed to have a cake sale with proceeds to go to Marie Curie.  They also discussed wearing lanyards to show they are in the school council and LL has emailed Mrs Clark about this.  A point was raised about noise and disruption at lunch time in the hall and LL has emailed Mrs Clark with a suggestion that P16 thought perhaps they could eat a little later than the younger students.  First Aid for P16 was also on the Agenda and emailed to Mrs Clark for her opinion.

TG is to talk with Mrs Hawkes about the possible cricket match.


Under AOB the council discussed Time to Talk that takes place Thursday morning in P16.  It was felt it helps communication but one council member expressed a preference for the whole of P16 to meet together rather than in classrooms.  Read more »


23rd February 2017Council members with Mr Evans

POST 16 COUNCIL: The P-16 School Council were delighted today to present a cheque for £58 to Mr Evans of the Nailsea Uganda Water Project.  He said he will write to us and will also let us know how the project develops.  The school council have agreed to raise funds for a local cancer charity and think they will have a baking session and a cake sale.  They will discuss this further at the next meeting.  The Council also like the idea of wearing lanyards and suggested some symbol cards could be attached to help communication in the playground.  Read more »


21st February 2017

SECONDARY SCHOOL COUNCIL: The responsibilities of being a School Council rep were discussed.  Also climbing club and IT issues.  Read more »


2nd February 2017

POST 16 COUNCIL: Everyone was very pleased with the money raised at the fundraising event last Thursday and Mr Evans has been invited to come to school on 23.2.17 to be presented with a cheque for the Nailsea/Uganda water project.  The P-16 Council discussed how they could improve a coffee and cake fundraising event in future and thought to ask teachers if they could use the P16 classrooms as well as the common room.  The students have started thinking about another project and will discuss this more at the next meeting.  Read more »


31st January 2017

SECONDARY SCHOOL COUNCIL: The Council had a meeting.  Read more »


26th January 2017

Some of the pupils catering for the event

A huge thank you to our fantastic P16 Student Council for their great baking and good customer service skills demonstrated today in the fundraising event in P16 Common Room.  Over £55 has been raised and we will do a final count at the council meeting next week.   The students also wish to donate the Enterprise money from last year.  View photos from the event »


19th January 2017

Post 16 will be preparing and serving tea/coffee cakes and biscuits next Thursday.  Read more »


17th January 2017

SECONDARY SCHOOL COUNCIL: The Council had a meeting.  Read more »


12th January 2017

POST 16 COUNCIL: Members of the P16 School Council met this week and continued their plans regarding the fundraising event.  Invitations went out last week and shopping lists have been made in readiness for the event on 26th January.  Pupils raised questions about lunches and will speak to staff themselves, Tommy raised the question of the school having a trampoline.  Sophia took the minutes with assistance from Mrs Tester.  Read more »


5th January 2017

POST 16 COUNCIL: All students agreed improvements to the fund raising invitation and sent it out.  Read more »               You're invited - view the poster!


13th December 2016

SECONDARY SCHOOL COUNCIL: The Council had a meeting.  Read more »


8th December 2016

POST 16 COUNCIL: Today we welcomed Louis who has joined the P-16 School Council.  The group agreed recipes for the coffee event and this completed our shopping list.  Jaden chaired the meeting with help from Reece.  Other issues were footballs on the school roof and a canopy for the MUGA was suggested as a possible solution.  Tommy thinks a P16 cricket match would be good and will speak to Mrs Hawkes and Sophia has suggested inviting Baytree School to the coffee event.  Read more »


1st December 2016

POST 16 COUNCIL: Members of the school council met this week to discuss the coffee morning in January. Reece has offered a recipe for Brownies to make for the event. School lunches are being monitored to see if they arrive hot or cold. The findings will be reported to Mrs Clark, there have been no issues reported this week. Members discussed occasional ICT problems and will note down the time when these occur.  There was also a discussion about badges for school council members. This request will be forwarded to Mrs Clark. Well done to Jaden and Ken who took the minutes of the meeting.   Read more »


10th November 2016

POST 16 COUNCIL: The date has been set for the coffee fundraising event in aid of the Nailsea-Uganda Water Project  as January 26th 2017, details will follow in the new year. Jaden has taken over as buddy due to Rebecca’s work experience on Thursdays. A colour picture was printed for the noticeboard. Ken took the minutes of this week’s meeting. Read more »


8th November 2016

SECONDARY SCHOOL COUNCIL: The Council had a meeting.  Read more »


18th October 2016

SECONDARY SCHOOL COUNCIL: The Council had a meeting.  Read more »


10th October 2016

POST 16 COUNCIL: Members of the P16 school council led the harvest assembly and were part of the collection process of donations from classes.  Pupils discussed the success of the assembly and were pleased to hand over all the donations to Mr and Mrs Worthington who were delighted with the generous donations and said they will make a lot of people very happy.  They said some people who use the food bank have sad stories and when they receive their food donation it makes them smile. Read more »


Handing over donations to Nailsea Foodbank staff


SCHOOL COUNCIL: Members have decided they would like to raise money for pupils in a school in Uganda.  A representative from the Nailsea-Uganda Water Project kindly came in to lead our assembly and explain a little bit more how our money will help.  Josh helped with an experiment showing how a small piece of guttering can help collect water from a roof.  Pupils were reminded that we are lucky to be able to have fresh water from a tap, the pupils in Uganda do not have enough water and need support to repair water tanks, build new ones so they ‘catch and drink it’!  They want our help to catch the rain water.


6th October 2016

POST 16 COUNCIL: Meeting minutes


4th October 2016

SECONDARY SCHOOL COUNCIL: The Council had a meeting.  Read more »


30th September 2016

ASSEMBLY: Members of the School Council led the assembly this week.  They have asked for food donations to be brought in on Thursday 6th October.  A representative from the local food bank is expected to attend the assembly on Thursday 13th October and collect all donations.  The foodbank currently needs; Cereals (especially for children), Baked beans, Tinned Spaghetti, Pasta Sauce, Tinned Fish/Fruit or Ham, Dried Pasta, Instant Mash, Sugar, Fruit Juice, snack bars, confectionary and biscuits for Christmas.


Harvest Festival Assembly by the School Council



22nd September 2016

POST 16 COUNCIL: Members of the school council met this week to discuss the presentation for the ‘Harvest Festival Appeal’ assembly on Thursday 29th September. Pupils will be asking for donations of non perishable food to be brought in to school on Thursday 6th October. All donations will be given to the Nailsea Food Bank. There was a discussion about how the buddy system is going so far this term and pupils raised issues regarding food and drink in school e.g. can sauces be provided and whether water could be available in the P16 common room. Pupils thought the hall was noisy at lunchtime and there was discussion about a separate area for P16 students.Photos were taken of council members for the new school council notice board. Read more »


15th September 2016

POST 16 COUNCIL: Members of the council met this week to discuss the Harvest Festival Assembly on Thursday 29th September, any donations of food will go to the Nailsea Food bank. Buddying and money raised from a proposed coffee morning was also discussed, council members would like to split any funds raised with the Uganda Water Project and school. Pupils also asked about access to P16 common room. Members of the school council for younger classes are being elected and Ms Hawkes will shortly arrange their first meeting.  Read more »


9th September 2016

POST 16 COUNCIL: Kenneth, Reece, Tommy, Sophia and Rebecca met this week with Miss Tester to discuss what is involved in being a member of the School Council. Ideas were put forward for fundraising and events e.g. arranging a coffee morning at a local nursing home. Issues around school were raised; P16 would like to explore a different access arrangement to their area. Buddying will be continued from last year and students were keen for this to start soon. There will be a Harvest Festival Appeal by students in an assembly on Thursday 29th September for the local food bank. More details will follow after their next meeting.  Read more »