Careers Education

Careers education is at the heart of our school vision, Dream, Achieve, Believe (DAB).  We believe that each and every pupil’s dreams are important and we ensure that we do what we can to support each pupil to get closer to these dreams.  Pupils’ dreams are recorded three times a year through our all about me work.


For some of our pupils, working within the formal curriculum pathway, their dreams are likely to be of employment (supported or independent) and or independence.  For pupils within the Social Communication pathway they are likely to be towards supported employment, supported living and or a variety of hobbies and interests.  For our pupils working within the sensory pathway they are likely to be towards supported voluntary roles/employment, supported living and supported access to hobbies and interests.


Lisa Mainstone - CIAGIf any pupils or their families would like to discuss their options for after they leave Ravenswood at the end of Year 11 or Post 16 they can contact Lisa Mainstone.  Lisa is our Careers Information, Advice and Guidance Lead.  She will be able to discuss all the options that are available both within the Local Authority and in the surrounding areas.  Email: - Tel: 01275 854134



Gatsby Benchmarks

Ravenswood School has been working closely with the West of England Combined Authority, SEND Enterprise Co-ordinator for the past few years helping to shape and develop the careers education for SEND pupils across the South West.  We are pleased that we are the first school within North Somerset to achieve all 8 Gatsby Benchmarks, and the 2nd within the South West region.  Click this link to find out more about how we meet these benchmarks.


Our careers programme
This has been designed in collaboration with pupils, parents/carers, employers, staff and Talentino.  We researched what the key skills were that were important for our pupils’ next steps and planned a curriculum around these.  This ensures that we have high aspirations for all of our pupils, that they are able to experience a range of workplaces and encounters with employers and that they are able to develop the skills required for the workplace.


If you feel you are able to support our students in any way - sharing your skills, visiting and talking to our pupils about your workplace, allowing our pupils to visit or to offer work experience placements or if you would like more information about our careers programme please contact Lisa Mainstone (see above).



Primary and KS3
Careers information is included in the PSHCE curriculum and assemblies.  Classes allocate one PSHCE lesson per week for pupils to work on personalised careers programmes to support pupils to get a step closer towards their dreams.  Classes in KS3 have at least one employer encounter per year.

Pupils in year 8 and 9 have the opportunity to take part in school based enterprise projects.






Careers learning is covered in the PSHCE, English, Maths curriculum, and assemblies supplemented by our clear guidance in developing independence and personal social skills.  Vocational skills are taught through school based options: Enterprise, Drama, Duke of Edinburgh, Horticulture and Music.


In Axe class and Yeo class students have weekly careers lessons to find out about the different types of jobs and the support available to them in employment.  Pupils have opportunities to explore different employments/workplaces through their AQA unit awards- through role play activities, trips and employer encounters.


In Frome Class they have a weekly careers afternoon to explore different workplaces/meet employers.  They also have access to further vocational courses through the Entry Link course delivered by specialist tutors at Weston College for one morning a week to find out more about further education.






Post 16

Learning is covered in the Functional Skills English and Maths coursework, ASDAN Employability course, ASDAN PSD course, Sports Programme and short and extended Work Experience (WEX) placements.  Pupils working within the Social Communication pathway have courses in English, Maths, Personal Progress, PE and Dance Therapy.  Visits to industry and business organisations form key learning points for our students, as do employers and volunteers visiting school to talk about their organisations.  All pupils take part in a two week WEX placement in years 12 and in year 13.







Planned Learning Outcomes

By the end of the following key stages pupils will:



• Have a greater awareness of themselves; personal qualities, abilities and interests

• Have made progress in their Personal and Social Development

• Have made progress in their Speaking and Listening, literacy and numeracy. 

• Know about a variety of vocational options

• Be aware of the KS4 curriculum and qualification pathways

• Have an EHC Plan, outlining their wishes and aspirations for the future

• Experience at least one different employee encounter per year



• Have a greater awareness of themselves; personal qualities, abilities and interests

• Have made progress in their Personal and Social Development

• Have made progress in their Speaking and Listening, literacy and numeracy

• Have visited a variety of work environments

• Have a greater awareness of working life and the skills they need to use

• Be aware of a variety of study programmes and qualification pathways and different P-16 providers

• Have a Person Centred Plan , outlining their strengths, aspirations and the support they need



• Have a greater awareness of themselves; personal qualities, abilities and interests

• Have made progress in their Personal and Social Development

• Have made progress in their Speaking and Listening, literacy and numeracy 

• Have participated in successful Work Experience placements, either in the community or in school, depending upon the abilities and needs of each student

• Know and understand the qualities required for different vocational pathways

• Have increased awareness of their personal qualities

• Have an updated Person Centred Plan, outlining their strengths, aspirations and the support they need


Monitoring and evaluating the impact of our careers education:

• Progress towards pupils’ dreams and end of key stage intended outcomes is reported back yearly in end of year reports and also at annual reviews.

• Pupils' dream boards and our next steps to support them are displayed in each class.  These are reviewed three times per year.

• We monitor intended destinations of school leavers (April) and actual destinations of school leavers (September). 

• Students at risk of being NEET are identified early and interventions planned to secure appropriate placements.

• We complete audits of our CIAG work each summer to ensure we know we are improving our provisions and outcomes for young people and have identified appropriate actions to improve our provisions further.   


For more information please see the Providers Access Policy and Careers Advice Information and Guidance Policy on the School Policies page.



Impact of our careers programme

Kane, Jamie and Dillon each have their own employment aspirations.  They all had successful work placements which moved them one step closer to achieving their dreams.  Read about their stories below:


Kane's career journey - Catering


Jamie's career journey - Gardening


Dillon's career journey - Animal Care