Outdoor Education

At Ravenswood school we value a holistic approach to education.  This is why many of our secondary classes have the opportunity to participate in Outdoor Education.  The lessons are delivered by an Outdoor-Instructor qualified teacher with a passion for providing fun opportunities for personal development along with an appreciation of nature.



Starting speech marksWe fully believe in the power of Outdoor Education in developing pupils' emotional resilience, self-esteem, confidence and trust as well as developing physical skills such as motor development, balance, strength and stamina.
Julia McIntyre, Outdoor Ed Teacher
Ending speech marks



Pupils take part in weekly sessions for the entire academic year, almost all of which are offsite at different venues.  Here's an example of our Outdoor Education programme:



Term Key Stage 3 Key Stage 4
(Working towards AQA awards)
1 On school site
Get to know you / safety / fire
On school site
Gardening project / Team work / Leadership
2 Woodland discovery Bushcraft survival
3 Indoor climbing Indoor climbing
4 Adapted cycling / bike maintenance Horse Care 
5 Exploring habitats Canoeing
6 Sailing / animal care Mock abseiling / Outdoor Climbing