Review of terms 1 & 2

Here are some of the things we've been doing during Autumn 2019...



Kingfisher classKingfisher


Since September, Kingfisher Class have created some fantastic pieces of work.  The year started off with us thinking about what jobs we wanted to have when we were older.  The children used these ideas to role-play, developing their communication and imagination skills.  We have been working on saying, reading and writing graphemes in phonics.  The children used these skills in their reading and writing lessons, which helped them to create diaries and story books.


We have explored a range of maths activities.  I loved how the children could use their number skills in different ways, counting, adding and estimating.  We have had a competition to try and build the tallest tower and spotted shapes around the school.


We have explored light and dark in science, creating our own circuits, using batteries and switches and thinking about how to be safe around electricity.  As well as this, we have used our topic subjects to explore instruments, create unique pieces of art and learn about other cultures.


Well done for a fantastic start to the year Kingfishers, I look forward to seeing some more super learning from you all in the future!





Robin classRobin


Robin class worked very hard in term 1 learning about the ancient Egyptians.  They prepared an exhibition showcasing various aspects of ancient Egyptian life and each member of the class wrote a script and spoke to visitors at the exhibition.  We even built a pyramid decorated with hieroglyphics and paintings of ancient Gods. 


In term 2 we have been learning about the Amazon rainforest and the plants and animals there.  We have listened to the sounds of the rainforest and played musical instruments which mimic the sounds of the rainforest.







Birch class Birch class


This term in Art we learnt all about bridges and structures and this included us constructing and building our own bridges.  We also got a chance to visit the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge and bake and make a Canal cake.





 Pine class


Pine Class have been working hard on their allotment this term.  Everyone has helped with the weeding and we have already planted daffodil bulbs and rhubarb.  When the warmer weather arrives in spring we have plans to sow sweetcorn, carrots and runner beans.  We are also thinking about planting some rose bushes because we know that these are plants that will carry on making beautiful flowers year after year. 



Yeo class Yeo class


In term one Yeo Class learnt about separating mixtures in science.  We did lots of experiments including making a chromatograph, using a filter to separate a solid from a liquid and evaporating a solution with a Bunsen burner.


In term two Yeo Class made cookies for a mini enterprise project.  We wrote a shopping list, went to the supermarket to buy ingredients and followed a recipe to make delicious cookies to sell.





Frome class Frome class


Frome class have been doing self portraits in Art...






 Post 16  Post 16 KJ


We have been focusing on working safely and to a high standard in Employability.



We have been working hard to improve our Communication skills.  We have been learning how to phone our employer when we are going to be late for or absent from work.



We have tried out new leisure activities during Asdan Independence lessons.





We visited a hotel in Bristol to learn about what is involved in working in a customer-facing job.




We always work together...



Post 16 Post 16 RM


KS4 and above took part in the Shakespeare Schools Festival at the Tobacco Factory performing ' A Comedy of Errors'.  This was run and lead by P16 teacher Miss Marsh.  It helped the students build skills in both confidence, English and Communication.  The Shakespeare Schools Festival staff had this to say about the performance...



Outdoor Education



This term Ash, Birch and Pine class started their Outdoor Education lessons.  We spent some time at school learning to slack-line and use flint and steel to create sparks for a fire.  We then had 6 weeks offsite visiting local woodlands, learning to build dens and climbing trees safely, getting wet, jumping in muddy puddles and generally having loads of fun in nature!





This term Axe and Frome class have been working towards achieving AQA awards in Outdoor Education. They completed a team building unit at school which involved problem solving activities, working together to clear land in pond place to have a fire pit and learning to slack-line.  They also went offsite to local woodlands and learnt how to build dens, climb trees safely and had fun in nature.