Work Experience

Work experience is an integral part of our Post16 Provision at Ravenswood School.  We believe that all of our students have valuable skills to offer employers and through our ASDAN Employability course, students learn about a range of skills and qualities they will need in the workplace.  We have been successful in securing placements with a wide range of local employers.  We also have our in-house catering service which enables students to learn a wide range of skills in the catering industry.


- 2022 -


We would like to congratulate all of our P16 students who recently completed two weeks of work experience.  We are extremely proud of the way they put their employability skills into practice and this has been reflected in the fantastic feedback we received from their employers.  We are extremely proud of you all!


What some of our employers said about our students… 



Starting speech marksWe really can't stress enough how well he did with us.  He learnt so much, only needing to be shown things once and then remembering what needed doing the next time.  He was flexible, working well with loads of different people, responding well to requests and changes of what needed doing at short notice.  He was great at baking, chopping, plating up, clearing up, chatting with customers etc etc, the list goes on!  A star!     Strawberry Line Café
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Starting speech marksThe students were keen and enthusiastic and a real pleasure to have in the library.  I would encourage all libraries to consider if they have the capacity to offer work experience placements for students with disabilities, as we have found the school support to be fantastic and really made sure the students were safe and engaged during their time with us.     Worle Library

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Starting speech marksThe students were amazing.  They worked very hard and tried their hand at everything we asked them to do.  Seeing them interact with the animals was also great.  They were polite and fun to be with.  A real credit to Ravenswood.  Think most have booked their place for next year’s work experience already !!!!     Brownrock Farm
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Strawberry Line Cafe, YattonStrawberry Line Cafe, YattonWorle LibraryWorle LibraryBrownrock Farm

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Waitrose Nailsea


It is not often that I can start my work experience feedback with the words 'Thank you'!


Polite to a fault and enthusiastic, always J's work ethic is fantastic.


His personality has shone through and he worked happily and confidently with a changeable team one week to the next.  Work has improved to a high standard in serving food as well as keeping the cafe well stocked, he works independently and with others and quite honestly there were more than a couple of tears when his work experience ended.


It is extremely rewarding to see such a lovely young man blossom in a new role and we would wish him every deserved success in the future.


Kind regards

Nathan Boyd
Personnel Manager





Greenslade Nursery, Nailsea


K always arrives cheerful and on time.  During her time at Greenslade she has become very much a part of the team.  She is friendly and supportive when working alongside the rest of the staff.  She talks with all the staff and volunteers and is always polite and good humored.


K has an excellent relationship with the children, managing to achieve the tricky balance between being friendly and playing with the children and at the same time being viewed as an adult to be respected and listened to.  The children respond to her and are keen to involve her in their play whenever possible.


K uses her initiative and will get on with the routine of the day without needing to be asked.  She often suggests things she could do to help and willingly gets on with any tasks she is asked to do, even the really messy ones involving paint!


If K is unsure of anything she is confident enough to ask.  During training she listens carefully, asks questions to clarify her understanding and then carries out the task.  She will remember what she is told and takes on board any suggestions or advice given.


K would be a real asset to any Early Years setting looking for someone to join the team in a supporting role.  We have really enjoyed having her as part of our team and will miss her when she goes and would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all her hard work.  We wish her lots of luck for the future.


Deborah Williams
Preschool Leader
Greenslade Preschool



Tom’s Travel, Weston-super-Mare


A was very confident and he didn’t moan when having to do the not so exciting jobs for example, having to take some things out of the garage to the tip!

He showed no nerves when meeting new people, and has replaced the legal lettering inside the minibuses.  His observation of the maintenance test went well too.


Carol Thacker

Toms Travel




Tickenham Golf Club, North Somerset


It is with great delight that I write a few words about J's work experience at Tickenham Golf Club.  In the Summer of 2015 he completed work experience at the Golf Club for two weeks.  He was very enthusiastic.  He tried and did well at many tasks, but he really enjoyed working on the computer.  He was particularly helpful with the task of selling stock on ebay.  This year during the summer term J asked if he could come each week for a couple of hours.  We agreed immediately.  We all enjoy working with him.  He always tries hard and has a lovely sense of humour.  J is keen, helpful and pleasant to work with.  We will encourage him all we can for his future and his wishes for a job in golf.


Sarah Sutcliffe
AA Class PGA Advanced Golf Professional




Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm Wraxall


K has worked very hard at Noah’s Ark.  She has listened to the instructor and completed set tasks she has been given.  K is enthusiastic about her work and has gained in confidence in talking to members of the public and other volunteers.


M is very confident and cheerful with both members of staff and the public.  He has worked very hard while at Noah’s Ark and has got on very well with the other volunteers.


Paula Tackle
Work Experience Co-coordinator



Abbots Leigh Kennels, North Somerset


J took time to get to know each dog and what they like and what tricks they can do.  J is eager to learn and is always willing to complete any task.


S has been very helpful and really good with the animals.  S spent time with the cats playing with them and giving them lots of cuddles.